How To Cancel Your No-IP Subscription

No-IP’s services all run on subscription plans, meaning they will continue to be billed annually or monthly until you cancel the subscription. Please keep in mind that canceling a subscription does not turn off or remove the service from your account.

Canceling a subscription only ensures that we do not bill you in the future to renew the service. The service will continue to function until its expiration date.

However, if you wish to reactivate the service, you may do so from the Subscription Management page. This guide will assist you with canceling and reactivating your subscriptions.

Cancelling Your Subscription

Step 1

Log into your My No-IP account by clicking on Log In at the top right of the No-IP homepage.
Log In

Step 2

Once logged into your My No-IP Account, click on Account and then Subscription Management.
Subscription Management

Step 3

Click the arrow “>” next to the subscription to see the details. On the far right, under Subscription Actions you will click Cancel Subscription.
Cancel Subscription

Step 4

You should now be on the Cancel Subscription window.

Cancel Subscription 2

You can choose to cancel with our without reminders. Once you click confirm that subscription will be cancelled.

Renewing Your Subscription

To Renew a subscription, you can click Renew Subscription from the Subscription Actions.
Renew Subscription

This should bring you to the plan builder where you can choose the amount of years to renew for. Once paid, your subscription will be set for the selected years.