Changes to Hostname Creation for No-IP Branded Domains

Effective Oct 31, 2016, domain names that include the No-IP brand name are no longer available for hostname creation. If you have a hostname on a No-IP branded domain you may continue to use the hostname until it is manually deleted by you or due to inactivity. Once the hostname has been deleted it cannot be re-created and you will need to choose another domain name.

Why did this happen? No-IP is committed to providing reliable remote access connections backed by the strength of our global network and our brand. In order to ensure a strong brand reputation moving forward, No-IP branded domains are only available for official No-IP branding and marketing.

New hostname creation is available for over 30 Free Dynamic DNS Domains and over 50 Enhanced Dynamic DNS Domains. We have recently added several new domains that are available for hostname creation and we will continue to add new domain options to our Dynamic DNS Products.

Domain names no longer available for hostname creation:
Free Domains:
Enhanced Domains: