CNAME Records

CNAME Records


CNAME records (short for Canonical Name) map your hostname to another hostname.
It is useful for pointing many hosts to the same place and updating them easily.

An example of this is:
Hostname: Target:

This is a CNAME record, because even though the domains are different, they still go to exactly the same place and follow the same DNS rules that are in place. Please note that it against DNS rule to have the root domain as a CNAME. does not provide the CNAME DNS type for root domains.

How to add a CNAME Record

From your No-IP account, click My Services at the left, then DNS Records. If needed, scroll down and find the “Add A Hostname” button. Click this button to begin.




Type a hostname and select “DNS Alias (CNAME)” from the Hostname Type section.
This will open a field below for the Target hostname. The Target cannot be an IP address.
When finished, click the Add Hostname button to create the CNAME record.




If the entries under Hostname or Target are long or begins with an underscore character “_”, you may need to contact Support to have the records created.