How to Configure the TrustCor Standard DV SSL

How to Configure the TrustCor Standard DV SSL

All No-IP Dynamic DNS services (Free, Plus, or Enhanced) come with a free TrustCor Standard DV SSL. Free Dynamic DNS accounts are eligible to create a certificate after their account has been active for at least 30 days.

This will cover one hostname each, such as, The SSL coverage is not automatic and you will need to make some configurations for it to be enabled. You can learn how to configure the TrustCor Standard DV SSL below.

Locate the TrustCor Standard DV SSL

From your No-IP account, click My Services at the left, then SSL Certificates. Here, you will find the TrustCor Standard DV SSL.


Generate a CSR

You will need to generate a CSR. You can do this from your server or any CSR generator. If you are unsure how to generate a CSR, you can perform an internet search for your specific device.

You can find a list of CSR Upload Errors you may encounter.

The CSR must use the s

Upload CSR

Once you have done so, navigate back to your No-IP account under My Services, then SSL Certificates.
Locate the TrustCor Standard DV SSL that needs the CSR added and click the Add CSR button.



Here is where you will paste the CSR you have generated.


Click the Add CSR button to proceed. Next, you will need to enter your contact information for the SSL.


Click the Confirm button when finished.

SSL Validation

You will be given a TXT Value for verification. Since you have our DNS service, we have added this record automatically, to the hostname listed in the CSR.


You will need to wait for the verification to complete. This can take up to an hour. During this time, the Status of the SSL will be “Pending Verification”. The Status will change to Active once this completes.


Download the SSL

You will need to download the appropriate SSL from your account, depending on the server type you are using, and install this on your device.

From your No-IP account, click My Services at the left, then SSL Certificates. Find your TrustCor Standard DV SSL and click the Download button.

Install SSL on Your Server

Select the SSL file type in accordance to the server you are installing it on. If you do not know this information, we advise doing some research before purchasing this SSL, as we can not provide server support. We recommend the PEM Chain, as this includes all the necessary certificates in one file.


Once installed and configured on your server, the hostname/domain will now be secured.

More Information

You can find more information about installing TrustCor SSLs and obtaining TrustCor’s Intermediate Certificates from their Knowledge Base here.