How Do I Create a CSR For My SSL Certificate?

Below are links to common web servers on the market.  Click on the SSL Certificate that best matches your server software for directions on how to generate a CSR.

If you do not have access to your server, your web host or internet service provider will generate it for you.

Please note that all CSRs need to be created with a key length of 2048 and using SHA256 as the hash algorithm.  If your server is incapable of doing so you’ll need to use OpenSSL. The links to that information is found at the bottom of this article.

If your server isn’t listed here or if the instructions we have for your server aren’t working you can always use OpenSSL to create your CSR, it doesn’t need to be created on that same device you’re trying to install it on.  You should be able to do this with most devices such as Windows, MacOS, or most servers.

OpenSSL Download

OpenSSL Guide

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