Foscam DDNS Configuration

Were you referred to our site after purchasing a Foscam product?

Chances are you were referred to us because you need/or want to access your camera at any time, but your network has a dynamic IP address.

Luckily, your Foscam device comes preconfigured to support our dynamic DNS service. This service will post dynamic updates to your No-IP hostname when your Internet Service Provider decides to issue you a new IP address.

To enable DDNS functions in your Foscam device you will first need to have a No-IP account and hostname created. If you have not created a No-IP account and hostname please refer to this tutorial:

Enabling DDNS functions in your Foscam camera:

Foscam DDNS

DDNS service: No-IP
DDNS User: Your DDNS Key Username / Email
DDNS Password: Your DDNS Key Password
DDNS Host:
Not every device will ask you for a server or server address. The service will still work without issue, if the device does not ask for it.

DDNS Key usernames and passwords are created individually for each hostname or group of hostnames. They are generated from the DNS Records page in your account.

That’s it! As long as your camera is actively running, the device will check your IP address every few minutes. If it has changed we will send a notification to your account and update the desired host with the new IP address. This will essentially prevent you from losing a connection simply because your IP address changed.

Note: No-IP Free hostnames are deleted after 30 days of inactivity. Inactivity is defined as when a host has not been ‘confirmed’ from the web interface or via the email notification sent out 7 days prior to expiration. No-IP Free hostnames must be confirmed once every 30 days. You can do this by logging into your No-IP account and navigating to “Dynamic DNS” > “No-IP Hostnames”. Next to your hostname should be a confirmation button available, if not you can view the status pill underneath your hostname to review how many days you have left until confirmation. You can also follow the link in the email we send out 23 days before the host expires and fill out the captcha.

To eliminate the 30 day expiration notice you may want to upgrade to the No-IP Enhanced service.

You can learn more about using No-IP and Cameras here.