How to Install the Dynamic Update Client on Mac

This guide will walk you through how to setup the Dynamic Update Client and explain the additional preference settings that are available.

You will need to first go to and download the Mac version of the DUC.

Click the “Download” button.

After the file has downloaded, go to the top right corner of your screen and click the finder button and search for “noip”.

Installing the Dynamic Update Client on a Mac Image 1

When you have found the correct application, click it to open it.


Read the License Agreement and click Agree to the EULA and the TOS Agree to the terms of service.

You will now see the following box:

Click and hold the No-IP logo and drag it over to the Application folder that is located in the same box.


After you drag the No-IP icon into the “Applications” folder, double click the “Applications” folder to open it. Find the No-IP DUC in the list of applications and double click it. 

You will be prompted to login. Enter your No-IP email and password. If you have not created an account with us, follow the Getting Started Guide.

When logging in for the first time you are asked to select the host or group that you would like to be associated with this client.

What this means is, the host that you select will be updated with the public IP address of the network that the DUC is currently on. Make sure the hosts that you would like to be updated have a check mark in the box next to them. (How to add a hostname to your No-IP account)

You can edit this any time by clicking “No-IP DUC” in the top left corner of your screen and then click “Preferences” then click the “Hosts” tab.

After you have selected your hosts and saved your settings everything is done and your hosts should be updated when your IP address changes.

If you are not running the DUC and your IP address changes No-IP is unable to detect a change. You need to be sure have your computer and DUC are running at all times if you want your host to always be updated to the correct IP address. One feature that will help insure that your DUC always starts is to go to the “Settings” tab and check “Automatically Start at Login”

Minimize the application and you are all done with the installation of the Mac Dynamic Update Client.

Please Note: The daemon feature does not properly start on 10.8 and 10.11. We are working to create a new Mac DUC.