What is an Integrated Dynamic DNS Device?

We have partnered with many companies to help make our Dynamic DNS setup easy and convenient. We are currently integrated with most router brands, IP cameras, DVRs and other devices.

What is an integrated Dynamic DNS device and what does it mean to you?

An integrated Dynamic DNS device is a device that has Dynamic DNS capabilities built into it. This means that it is connected to the internet and it is capable of sending an update to your No-IP account when your IP address changes. If your router has No-IP as an integrated Dynamic DNS provider, when setting up and configuring your account, you will not need to have our Dynamic Update Client installed and running on your computer. You will simply choose No-IP in your device (typically located in the remote access or Dynamic DNS settings), then enter your No-IP account credentials. Lastly, add the hostname that you would like the device to keep updated.

Don’t have a device or router that has No-IP as an integrated Dynamic DNS provider?
Our Dynamic DNS Update Client continually checks for IP address changes in the background and automatically updates the DNS at No-IP whenever it changes. You will need to download and install our Dynamic Update Client (DUC) on a computer that is located within the local network of the device. You will then need to keep the DUC running at all times, in order to keep your hostname updated with the correct IP address.

Need Help Setting up No-IP DUC?

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