Mail Forwarding with No-IP

The purpose of this guide is to provide you with general instructions for configuring Mail Forwarding on your domain name.

If your domain or hostname is not managed by, you will need to specify our mail server for your domain. Login to your domain registrar and set your highest priority (lowest number) MX record to

If you purchased Mail Forwarding for a No-IP Plus Managed DNS domain or a No-IP Enhanced Dynamic DNS hostname, the MX record will be added automatically.

To create a Mail Forward Account:

  1. Log into your No-IP account
  2. Click on ‘My Services‘ then ‘Email
  3. Click on ‘Configure‘ next to your domain’s forwarding service
  4. Click ‘Add New Account
  5. In the ‘Forward User‘ field, enter the email address you want to create
  6. In the ‘Fwd To Address‘ fields, enter the addresses you want to forward the messages to
  7. Once you are done filling out the fields, click on ‘Add Forward