Enhanced Dynamic DNS or Plus Managed DNS?

We understand that our customers can have questions on which product is best for their needs. This article will help you understand the differences between our Enhanced Dynamic DNS and Plus Managed DNS. While some of the features are similar, these two services accommodate different needs. This article will outline all of the features of Enhanced and Plus and explain which service you should get depending on what you’re trying to do.

If you need to use your own personal domain that you’ve paid for such as “example.com” then you’re going to want Plus Managed DNS.

Plus Managed DNS Features

  • Configure Dynamic DNS (DDNS) on a domain that you have purchased.

  • Create up to 50 sub-domains under your domain such as “sample.example.com”

  • Add advanced records for your domain: CNAME, TXT, SPF, DKIM, CAA, or SRV.

  • Allows you to use our services with your domain, even if it’s registered with a different company.

  • Save $5(USD) when bundled with Domain Registration.

    Note: Plus is required to use our Advanced Monitoring service.

If you want to create additional No-IP hostnames such as “example.ddns.net” or remove the 30 day renewal confirmations you will want our Enhanced Dynamic DNS service.  Please note the base level service only covers one hostname so if you’d like additional hostnames you would need to upgrade beyond the base level.

Enhanced Dynamic DNS Features

  • No need to renew hostnames using No-IP or Affiliate domains like ddns.net or mynetgear.com every 30 days.

  • Can be upgraded to allow as many hostnames as you might need.

  • Create hostnames using Enhanced specific domains such as ddns.me, access.ly, hopto.me and many others.

  • Add up to 3 Advanced Records to your hostname TXT, SPF, DKIM, or SRV.

Some benefits are included with both services.

Shared Features

  • Both support DDNS through our Anycast DNS Network

  • Both are compatible with any of our update clients (DUC). Windows, Mac, or Linux.

  • Phone and Online Support

  • Both include a free yearly Encryption Everywhere DV SSL Certificate.

  • No Ads On Redirects