How to Revoke your SSL

Revoking an SSL Certificate cancels a certificate immediately and removes the secure marker from the website, before the certificate is actually set to expire. You may want to revoke your SSL certificate if:

  • The domain your certificate was assigned to is no longer active.
  • Your private key has been compromised.
  • You’ve gotten a new certificate and are no longer using the old certificate.

A revocation can be requested via our certificate provider’s SSL management portal.

Logging Into the Management Portal

Follow this portal link. It will take you to a login screen. You will need to enter the email address you chose when you submitted the CSR, and the common name (domain or hostname) you entered when creating the CSR. digicert portal login Once you’ve entered your information and clicked “Continue” you’ll be taken to the following page: auth code entry Digicert will send an authentication email to the email address you entered. Copy the code from the email they send you and enter it in the box. Click “Sign in” and you’ll be in the management page for your certificate.

Revoking the Certificate

On the management page, click the dropdown “Certificate Actions” then “Revoke Certificate” certificate actions One the next screen. Select a reason for the revocation, then click “Revoke now” first revoke screen You’ll get one final confirmation. Click “Revoke now” and your certificate will be completely revoked. second revoke screen If you run into any issues during this process or have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact our support team by creating a ticket here: Create Support Request or emailing us at