Setting up DNS Updates on a D-LINK DI-604 Router

D-Link Dynamic DNS service is terminated as of July 2nd, 2020. Move to No-IP for free or save on a paid upgrade to maintain your remote access setup.

If you have a D-Link DI-604 Rev E. Router with Firmware 3.36 or greater (3.52 is recommended) and want to learn how to set up DNS updates follow the guide below.

WARNING: Do not use firmware version 3.53, No-IP DDNS support is NOT built into it.

Go to the “Tools” tab at the top and then click on “Misc” on the left hand side. Scroll down to the “Dynamic DNS” section. Newer versions of D-Link’s firmware may look different.

Server Address: Enter
Hostname: Enter the host.domain you want updated
Username: Enter your No-IP username that you use on the No-IP website
Password: Enter your password for No-IP
If you are trying to just update the IP of your root domain. Enter a dash “-” for the host.

For example, to update I would put in the Host Name field.

Newer Firmware is available for the DI-604 models. Please upgrade to the 3.52 or greater firmware by going to D-Link’s website.

If you are using the newer firmware, your DDNS setup screen will look like this:

Be sure that DDNS is enabled on the page,then click apply and you’re done. You may want to cycle the power on your cable/dsl modem and router to force an update.

Finally check your log. Go to the “status” tab on the 604 and click the log button from time to time just to make sure everything is setup correctly.