Uninstalling the DUC for Mac OS

If you want to uninstall the older version of the DUC, version 3.x, follow this guide instead.
Uninstalling the DUC for Mac is easy!

Simply drag No-IP DUC into the trash, or right click on No-IP DUC in your Applications folder and click Move to Trash. This will remove the No-IP DUC from your Mac device.

uninstalling the DUC

To remove the No-IP account credentials for a fresh install:

No-IP DUC will need to be installed to perform this action.

Your No-IP account credentials will remain in your keychain even after uninstalling the DUC. If you want to completely remove these for a fresh install or for a different reason, follow the steps below:

With the Mac No-IP DUC running, hold the Option⌥ key while clicking on the No-IP Logo in the Status Bar.

 mac duc uninstall 2

Click Quit and Logout to completely remove your No-IP account credentials from your device.

 mac duc uninstall 3

Now proceed to uninstall the No-IP DUC by moving it to the trash.

If you need further assistance, feel free to check out our Knowledge Base or contact our Support Team.