How to Setup POP3 / IMAP Managed Mail

How To Setup POP3 / IMAP Managed Mail

This article acts as a main hub for using our POP3 / IMAP Managed Mail Service. Below you will find links on how to set up this mail service for different clients.

 Google recently made changes to their email and will now reject all emails from domains that aren’t authenticated by an SPF record.

If your domain is managed by No-IP, the SPF record can be added in your No-IP account from your DNS Records page then clicking “Modify” for your domain. On the Hostname page, click the “TXT” button. At the bottom of TXT page, in the box labeled “Data”, paste the SPF record provided below:

v=spf1 ~all

Finally, click “Add”

If your DNS is managed elsewhere you’ll have to add that same record with your DNS provider.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is my send limit for the POP3/IMAP service?

The SMTP limit is 500 relays per day, per mailbox. Unused relays do not carry over. Relay limit is reset based on a rolling 24-hour period. For example, an email sent at 08:00 will not be restored until 08:00 the next day. There is also an initial throttling of the service during the first 15 days. This is to prevent bad users from purchasing the service and immediately using it for spamming/phishing purposes:

Days Relays Allowed
0 25
1 35
2 71
3 107
4 142
5 178
6 214
7 250
8 285
9 321
10 357
11 392
12 428
13 464
14 500
Does adding recipients (CC/BCC) count towards my send limit?

Yes, this does count towards your send limit. For example, sending an email to will take up one relay. However, sending to and copying will use 2 relays for the same message.

What is my storage limit?

Each mailbox has an initial storage limit of 5GB (5120MB)

Can I get more storage?

Absolutely! The cost is $19.95 per extra 5GB of storage per mailbox. You can add up to 15GB of storage this way. 20GB is the maximum storage amount you can have. To add this to your account, please open up a ticket with our support team.