Why is My Hostname Expiring?

Free Dynamic DNS hostnames must be confirmed every 30 days or they will be deleted. This policy helps keep our network free of unused hostnames. 

To avoid your hostname from expiring, you can do any of the below:

  • Manually Confirm Your Hostname: You can manually confirm your hostname if it is within 7 days of expiring. Simply login to your No-IP account and click Dynamic DNS on the left navigation. Next, click Confirm next to the hostname you would like to confirm. Your hostname is now confirmed. If your hostname says Expired it has stopped resolving and you will need to click “Confirm” and follow the confirmation steps.

Only Free Dynamic DNS accounts need to confirm their hostnames every 30 days. Upgrade to Enhanced Dynamic DNS to remove the 30 day confirmation requirement.

Benefits of Upgrading Include:

  • Removes 30-day account confirmations
  • Includes 1 TrustCor Standard DV SSL Certificate
  • Allows you to create up to 25 hostnames
  • Removes advertisements on redirects
  • Advanced records like SRV, TXT records and domain keys
  • Need Help? Phone Support

If this doesn’t answer your question, please feel free to open a support ticket or contact our Customer Success Team by phone: 775-853-1883.