DNS Host Types and Features

Wondering what each DNS Host Type is used for? Find out below!

Host Type (A): This host type is a basic host type and most commonly used. It simply points a hostname to an IP address. This change has a TTL (Time To Live) of 60 seconds. This means it will take 60 seconds to be live.

Note: Keep in mind that web browsers use port 80 by default. If your device is set to use any other port you will need to specify that port by entering a colon (:) and port number after your host (example.no-ip.org:8000).

DNS Host (Round Robin): This is the least used feature. This feature allows a form of load-balancing. It can send a hostname to either server 1′s IP address or server 2′s IP address. With this feature you can point a hostname to 10 different IP addresses. Round Robin has a TTL of 60 seconds.

DNS Alias (CNAME): This host type will point your host to a specific target. This allows you to point example.no-ip.org to a different record such as cname.no-ip.org. Example.no-ip.org will then clone all records for cname.no-ip.org and example.no-ip.org will go to the same location as cname.no-ip.org.

Port 80 Redirect: This service is designed to send your hostname to our redirect server. Our redirect server then points your hostname to the IP address and port you provided. This service is most commonly used by users running a web server that is being blocked on port 80 and do not want to enter in the port number after their host. This change can take five minutes (300 seconds) to be live.

Keep in mind some DDNS devices cannot support updates to this Host Type. You may need to run our DUC to get this type dynamically updated.

Also this feature shows the IP address and port when used. You can apply the Mask URL option for this feature. However, the Mask URL option places a frameset over your website and may cause issues with your webpage.

This service is designed for web browsers only and does not work correctly for applications or games.

Web Redirect: This service simply points a hostname to another URL. This service can not be dynamically updated. This change can take five minutes (300 seconds) to be live.

Offline Page: This service allows you to display a page with a description of your web page on it if/when your website is down. It is used to notify users why it is down and when they can expect it to be live. You can also include a small image and contact information.  This change can take five minutes (300 seconds) to be live.