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Managed DNS Services

Server Monitoring

You can monitor any network addressable entity. Whether its a web server, mail server, FTP server, router, VPN device or file server, we can keep an eye on it and let you know when there is a problem.

Basic Monitoring

Having a server go down is one thing, not knowing about it is even worse. Get alerted instantly when there is a problem.

  • Service Check Frequency: 15 minutes
  • Services/Servers to Monitor: 10
  • Failover Support: No
  • Email Alerts: Yes
  • Multiple Email Contacts: Yes
  • Online Logs: Yes
  • Log Retention Period: 10 Days
  • Configurable Notification: Yes
  • Requires Plus Mananged DNS: No
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Advanced Monitoring

With our failover feature, you can automatically have your DNS settings point to your backup server or custom page on the fly.

  • Service Check Frequency: 5 minutes
  • Services/Servers to Monitor: 20
  • Failover Support: Yes
  • Email Alerts: Yes
  • Multiple Email Contacts: Yes
  • Online Logs: Yes
  • Log Retention Period: 15 Days
  • Configurable Notification: Yes
  • Requires Plus Mananged DNS: Yes
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How it works

After you select a host or service you would like to monitor, our system begins checking it from two different geographical locations with a third as a hot spare. Whenever two or more of these locations agree that there is a problem with your service or server, you are immediately alerted via email to your inbox or to an email addressable device. If you have the No-IP Plus service for your domain then you can configure your Offline settings to automatically be switched on in the event of a failure. The Advanced Monitoring system will also turn the Offline settings off once your service returns to a normal state.

Why it works

With No-IP's server monitoring packages, you can have the peace of mind of knowing immediately when problems arise for your domain. With our Advanced Monitoring package, you will enjoy the benefits of being alerted when a service fails or when a server goes offline. Our Advanced Monitoring package will allow you to monitor up to 20 services on your domain. Our system is highly configurable to meet the needs of your infrastructure and can monitor anything from a simple ping test to a TCP socket check on any port. If you have a device or service on a network, we can monitor it.

Priority Support

No-IP Priority Support is a priority response support channel that is staffed with our friendly and experienced Technical support team. Priority Support allows you to get the support you need as quickly as possible.

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Server Monitoring

Monitor any network addressable entity & get alerted instantly when there is a problem.

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Managed Access

Add your brand to our trusted network with custom remote access management solutions.

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