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Managed DNS Services

Ready-To-Go Remote Access for Resellers

Offer your customers a high-grade, White Label DDNS remote access solution that boosts their device security as well as your subscription revenue.

Generate Revenue

Enrich your product offerings and grow customer accounts by providing a comprehensive remote access solution.

Branded & Bundled

Bundle the remote access solution with your other services, all while maintaining an on-brand experience.

Fast & Scalable

Our off-the-shelf solution can be rapidly deployed in minutes, and easily scales with your customer’s needs.

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Expand Your Client Offerings Today

Grow your security or managed IT business with No-IP’s all-new Reseller Remote Access solution. Be among a select group of resellers to increase monthly subscription revenues by offering this value-added solution to clients.

  • More secure remote access option for clients than cloud access
  • Fits in with your existing service and subscription bundles
  • 2 implementation options: Hosted White Label & Embedded API
  • No development needed for Hosted White Label approach; minimal for API approach
  • Reduced support needs with easy end-user account management
  • Scales with clients as their remote access needs change and grow

Who Is Reseller Remote Access For?

Security Alarm Integrators

Upsell a comprehensive remote access solution to your security customers that can be added as part of their monthly alarm monitoring subscription.

Managed IT / MSPs

Provide a more secure remote access solution to customers supporting work-from-home capabilities and/or remote management of networks and devices.


Streamline hardware deployment by pre-configuring device firmware, and bundle DDNS with other offerings as part of an ongoing monthly subscription.

Why Resell No-IP's Remote Access Solution?

Our managed remote access solution stands out from cloud-based approaches and is backed by the industry’s best DDNS infrastructure.

IP Vanish Details

Advantages of the No-IP Approach

  • checkbox Provide remote access through owned domains
  • checkbox Higher security than cloud-based services
  • checkbox More cost effective than cloud-based alternatives
  • checkbox Easily added to existing processes and tooling
  • checkbox Self-service components for reduced support needs
  • checkbox Low-effort way to grow subscription revenue

2 Easy Implementation Options

Reseller Features

End User Features

Hosted White Label

Get clients onboarded in minutes with a fully hosted, branded, and ready-to-go remote access portal.

Reseller Features

checkbox Provide DDNS remote access on company-owned domain
checkbox Configurable customer-facing account and DDNS creation landing page
checkbox Asset Manager tool to edit logo, brand colors, site name, and description
checkbox Dashboard with account metrics and insights

End User Features

checkbox Landing page with custom branding options
checkbox Use our downloadable update client, or the DDNS client built into most devices

Embedded API

Use our API to embed customizable DDNS provisioning into your customer’s existing workflows.

Reseller Features

checkbox Provide a more integrated experience with your other product offerings, with full customization
checkbox Comprehensive API endpoints for DDNS, account management, usage, and access control
checkbox Embed DDNS remote access into customer devices or tooling prior to deployment
checkbox End-users can manage their own hostnames, reducing support needs

End User Features

checkbox Incorporate DDNS into existing web properties
checkbox Use our downloadable update client, or the DDNS client built into most devices

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Deliver high-grade, White Label DDNS remote access. Boost device security and subscription revenue by joining an exclusive group of resellers.