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Managed DNS Services

Secure, Simple System Access from Anywhere

No-IP offers DDNS and DNS solutions designed to keep your connections secure and seamless — perfect for safeguarding your home or business, accessing your home network from anywhere, or boosting the performance of business operations.

Stay Connected to Your Home and Business

Our security solutions are used by individuals and companies to keep their important networks running smoothly.

Flexible Implementation to Suit All Needs

Reliably access your home network and devices wherever you are. Ensure constant connectivity to smart home tech such as lights and thermostats. Access and review security camera footage remotely. Or even host your own secure Minecraft server.

Establish a Managed DNS service that scales with your company as it grows. Set up secure DDNS keys that elevate client security. Monitor facility surveillance systems to ensure proper protection. And remotely access employee computers and other network endpoints.

Our Solutions

System Admins

Managed DNS — Experience robust, scalable DNS solutions tailored for businesses of all sizes. Designed to enhance system reliability and performance, ensuring your operations always run smoothly.

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Home Networks

Dynamic DNS — Gain simple, reliable access to your home network devices with our Dynamic DNS service. It ensures you can connect to your home network from anywhere, at any time, with minimal effort.

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IoT & Smart Homes

IoT Dynamic DNS — Secure and maintain consistent connectivity for all your smart home devices. Our IoT Dynamic DNS service facilitates reliable operation, even in dynamically changing network environments.

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Managed Service Providers

Dynamic DNS Security — Elevate client security with our Dynamic DNS service, featuring secure DDNS Keys. Ensure advanced protection and reliable remote monitoring for security cameras and surveillance systems.

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Online Gaming

Create a Minecraft Server — Host and connect easily to your Minecraft server. Share a custom URL with friends and dive into your game with No-IP Dynamic DNS.

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Security Cameras

Setup a Security Camera — Ensure the safety of what matters most. Access your security cameras remotely with a straightforward URL via our Dynamic DNS service.

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Remote Access a Computer

Remote Access — Forget complex IP addresses. Use our Dynamic DNS for easy remote access to your devices, even with a changing IP.

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Our Technology

The basic, limited DNS services offered by Domain Registrars lack the reliability, speed, advanced features, and detailed configuration options of No-IP.

Advantages of No-IP Solutions

  • Unlimited hostnames
  • Unlimited queries
  • Unlimited DNS records
  • Custom TTL settings
  • Ranked top-5 in speed
  • Global availability
  • Uptime guarantee
  • US-based support

Why Choose No-IP?

Easy Setup for Everyone

Setup your domain with ease. Our services guide you through purchasing and setting up your domain, making the process straightforward and hassle-free.

100% Uptime

Our robust Anycast Network with 100 points of presence around the world ensures that your Managed DNS service never encounters any downtime. Guaranteed.

Comprehensive Support

Our Support Center is packed with hundreds of Knowledge Base articles, troubleshooting tools, and FAQs. And if you get stuck, our Customer Success team is just a phone call away.

No-IP: Your Partner in DNS Excellence

Whether safeguarding your home or business network, you need a reliable solution that goes beyond generic DNS capabilities. With No-IP, you’re putting your system security and access in the very best hands