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Managed DNS Services

Secure Your Online World with VPN from IPVanish

Help protect your private information, location data, personal identity, and browsing history.

We know the importance of safeguarding your online privacy. That’s why we’re partnering with IPVanish. Together, we’re helping people take control of your online identity and enjoy unparalleled protection.

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Every plan includes high-speed bandwidth for unlimited devices. Try a two year or yearly plan for 30 days, risk-free.

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The Power and Benefits of VPN

Cloud servers can be vulnerable to security breaches but with Dynamic DNS, you control your connection, which means you control the security. Adding VPN to your DDNS service further protects your identity by protecting your IP address.

Browse Online With Greater Anonymity

Browse Online With Greater Anonymity

Enjoy Internet Freedom

Enjoy Internet Freedom

Combat unwarranted online censorship and reach content via servers spanning over 75 cities across the globe.

Privacy Even With Public Wi-Fi

Privacy Even With Public Wi-Fi

Enjoy the convenience of public Wi-Fi, while remaining protected. Encrypt your traffic data and its contents with VPN to help keep network hackers, ISPs, and advertisers out of your connection.

Experience Innovative Technology

Experience Innovative Technology

Protect personal data with end-to-end advanced encryption and power your traffic with the latest advancement in WireGuard VPN protocols, so you can enjoy added privacy while maintaining high-speed connections.

Unlimited Device Protection

Unlimited Device Protection

Why sacrifice the protection of one device for another? No connection caps and unmetered VPN connections means you’ll never have to choose.

Zero Traffic Logs

Zero Traffic Logs

IPVanish never stores which sites you visit. Their audited no-log policy, verified by third-party experts, ensures top-tier cybersecurity confidence.

Product Details

With IPVanish, your internet traffic is routed through the secure server of your choosing. This helps protect your online identity and prevent advertisers and network hackers from monitoring your activity.

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Advantages of a VPN from IPVanish

  • checkbox Advanced encryption
  • checkbox Unmetered device connections
  • checkbox No data transfer caps
  • checkbox Servers in 75+ regions
  • checkbox Shared IP addresses
  • checkbox Verified no traffic-logs policy
  • checkbox Proxy web server
  • checkbox Secure access to media
  • checkbox Multiple connection protocols
  • checkbox 24/7 customer support

Claim Your Exclusive Deal Now and Safeguard Your Privacy

Online privacy is important. That's why we've joined forces with IPVanish to offer our customers enhanced online protection at a huge cost savings. For a limited time, get two years of IPVanish for just $2.49 per month, a 77% off the regular monthly VPN subscription.

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Secure Routing with Global Server Infrastructure

We pride ourselves on our Anycast Network, which ensures that users are automatically connected to the nearest DNS server, improving their overall user experience. IPVanish's global server network is comprised of over 2,000 high-speed servers in 75+ locations worldwide ensures that your internet traffic is routed securely – helping eliminate any worries about prying eyes as you connect, share, stream, and game online.

Reduce Lag without Sacrificing Security

VPNs can sometimes cause slower internet speeds due to encryption processes. However, with WireGuard for IPVanish, you can minimize latency while maintaining security. This is achieved through its faster, lightweight protocol and modern encryption techniques. WireGuard further reduces lag by selecting a nearby exit node, ensuring secure browsing without diminishing your browsing experience.

Bypass Restrictions, Free Up Access

IPVanish empowers you to bypass arbitrary restrictions and unfair censorship. Enjoy the freedom to access the content you desire without limitations, including visiting websites blocked in your region.

Rest Assured with Independent Verification

Our mission is to help our customers unlock the full potential of the internet - and to do it with the best security and privacy. We've partnered with IPVanish because of their strong reputation for safeguarding user data and online anonymity. IPVanish has undergone rigorous independent verification to uphold its commitment against logging. Your online activities remain confidential and protected.

Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing your privacy is protected.

Together with IPVanish, we’re committed to delivering top-notch services that elevate your online experience. Help safeguard your privacy today with No-IP and IPVanish – the perfect partnership for an unmatched level of security.

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