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Managed DNS Services

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No-IP's Mission Statement

No-IP’s mission is to provide useful, reliable and powerful services that help home users, small and large businesses and even fortune 500 companies take control over all aspects of their DNS and domain services.

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Brand Name

Operating Name: No-IP
Legal Name: Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC

Company Address

Vitalwerks Internet Solutions, LLC
425 Maestro Dr. Second Floor
Reno, NV 89511 USA

Press Contact & Media Requests

Natalie Goguen • Marketing Manager
+1 775-853-1883 x263

Fast Facts

Things you should know about No-IP

Over 30 Million Users
No-IP is the world's largest free dynamic DNS provider, with over 30 million users, and in every country around the world.

When Did It All Start?
No-IP was started in 1999 from Dan's dorm room in his spare time at Sonoma State University.

More Than 500 Billion Queries
No-IP handles more than 500 billion free dynamic DNS queries per month from millions of users across the globe.

100 Points of Presence
Los Angeles, Chicago, Miami, Dallas, Amsterdam, London, Tokyo, Singapore, Denmark and Sweden, just to name a few.

What We Do

Managed & Dynamic DNS Solutions
With No-IP's Dynamic DNS solutions, home or business users can easily setup remote access for camera's, DVR's, computers, or any other device. No-IP's robust Managed DNS supports small business through Fortune 500 e-commerce websites and boasts a 100% uptime guarantee. What is DNS?

Personalized Emails
From scalable, fully managed email solutions to backup email for mail servers and mail forwarding, No-IP has business email covered.

Domain Registration
Fast, simple & affordable domain registration No-IP is a fully accredited ICANN domain registrar.

How It All Started

No-IP started up in 1999, 30 million users later this amazing journey is still thriving and growing at a pace we never could have anticipated. From our beginnings as one of the first dynamic DNS companies to becoming the world's largest free dynamic DNS provider, we’ve always stayed true to our values that helped us grow from the beginning; delivering an easy, exceptional experience for our users. Our users are our biggest advocates and we owe a huge thanks to everyone who has helped No-IP on this awesome journey, and for helping us become the company that we are today. We hope that you’ll continue to be a part of our story.