Plus Managed DNS Zones

This article mainly describes “zones” and upgrading the amount of domains you can use with our DNS service. If you’re looking for how to set up Plus Managed DNS you can see that guide here.

Zones are slots for your domains that are managed by No-IP’s DNS service. The base level Plus Managed DNS service for $29.95 USD/year allows you 1 zone to use with 1 domain name. If you have 2 domains names such as and, you would only be able to use DDNS, create sub-domains, and add advanced records on one of those domains with the base level Plus Managed DNS service. To use No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS service on the second domain, you can upgrade the amount of zones which will allow you to use Plus Managed DNS on additional domains.

Here’s our pricing per domain or “zone”:


Price per year



Up to 3


Up to 10


Up to 25


Up to 50


Up to 100


Up to 250


Over 250

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Note: You do not have to pay an additional fee to create sub-domains. You can create up to 50 sub-domains from each domain in a zone. For example, if you have the base Plus Managed DNS service ($29.95 USD/year) with the domain, you could create,,, and so on until you hit 50 different names.

You can select the number of zones you want for Plus Managed DNS either upon initial checkout or directly from your account:

Zone Upgrade Location

As a final note, if you decide you want to upgrade your zones but you’re already in the middle of your service period, we’ll pro-rate the price based on the remaining time you have on your Plus Managed DNS service automatically.