Using a Domain with No-IP When It’s Registered Elsewhere

If you have your domain registered with another company, you can still use that domain with No-IP. This is accomplished using No-IP’s Plus Managed DNS or Pro Dynamic DNS service. They will give you full control over your DNS, allow you to use DDNS with your own domain, and the configuration is simple. To avoid downtime when switching from your current DNS provider to No-IP, we recommend purchasing the service first. It will take two hours before the service is active once purchased.

Recreate DNS Records

The next step is to recreate your DNS records (if you have any). You need to re-create all of the records with No-IP that you currently have at your current DNS provider. This should be done before changing the nameservers of the domain to No-IP’s nameservers. To add your records with No-IP, login to your account, then navigate to My Services and then DNS Records.

  • If you are not sure what your DNS records are you will need to log into your current DNS provider’s interface to find them.
  • Another option is requesting a zone file from your current DNS provider, and submitting it to our Support Team and we will add the records for you.

Nameserver Changes

Once all of the records are created with No-IP, and match exactly what you have at the current DNS service provider, then you can update the nameservers, at your domain’s registrar, to No-IP’s nameservers. Make sure to delete the old ones first.

Here are the nameservers you will need to add:

During this 24-48 hours of propagation, the domain will resolve at both the current DNS provider and No-IP, and since the records are the same you should see no downtime. After 48 hours, you can cancel your old DNS service.

For more information on configuring or using your service. Checkout our Pro and Plus guides.