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There Are No Upsides To Downtime, Ever

By focusing our efforts on engineering and staying at the forefront of technology, we strive to create reliable services that delight and surprise our customers.

About No-IP

We manage your DNS more efficiently

No-IP's mission is to provide useful, reliable and powerful services that help home users, small and large businesses and even fortune 500 companies take control over all aspects of their DNS and domain services.


No-IP was started over a decade ago in 1999 in Dan's dorm room in his spare time while he worked as an intern.

20 million

Over 20 million people use No-IP to access their computers remotely, run a home server, monitor an IP camera & manage their websites DNS among many other things.

19 points

No-IP has a robust Anycast Network with 19 points of presence located across the globe to ensure that your Managed DNS service never encounters any downtime. Guaranteed.

How It All Started

No-IP started up in 1999, 20 million users later this amazing journey is still thriving and growing at a pace we never could have anticipated. From our beginnings as one of the first dynamic DNS companies to becoming the world's largest free dynamic DNS provider, we've always stayed true to our values that helped us grow from the beginning.

We Are Grateful

Delivering an easy, exceptional experience for our users is our first priority because they are our biggest advocates. We owe a huge thanks to everyone who has helped No-IP on this awesome journey; you helped us become the company that we are today. We hope you will continue to be a part of our story.

Meet The Team

The people behind the screens

Our awesome team of introverts, extroverts, right and left brains, competitive donut eaters, foosball players and coffee drinkers work hard to make services people love to use and trust. Meet the team...

  • David J

    Chief Architect
  • Kurt

    Senior Software Engineer
  • Natalie

    Marketing Manager
  • Kyle

    Product Manager
  • Casey

    Front-End Developer
  • Heather

    Asst. Product Manager
  • David M

    Software Engineer
  • Matt

    Software Engineer
  • Brian

    Senior System Admin
  • Cean

    Business Operations Manager
  • Deven

    Support Manager
  • Hailee

    Marketing Coordinator
  • Alex M.

    Support Tech
  • Brent

    Product Specialist
  • Ken

    Support Tech
  • Irene

    Support Tech
  • Alex D.

    Support Tech
  • Chuck

    Systems Engineer
  • Liam


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When we say free, we actually mean free - no credit card required, ever. Our free dynamic DNS is so awesome that over 20 million people in every single country worldwide trust it and use it everyday.