Using a Domain with No-IP When It’s Registered Elsewhere

If you have your domain registered with another company and would like to use No-IP Plus Managed DNS to manage your DNS and give you full control over your DNS it is a simple nameserver change away. Most users have the domain registered with another company and are using their DNS or another providers DNS service. If your domain is actively being used and is in production we recommend and you do not want any downtime we recommend purchasing No-IP Plus Managed DNS first. Plus Managed DNS takes two hour to become live on all of our DNS server nodes.

Once you have purchased No-IP Plus Managed DNS, login to your account and going to ‘My Services‘ and then ‘DNS Records‘. You are going to want to create all the records you have at your current DNS provider and point them to the same location before you change your nameservers. If you are unsure of all your records I would recommend logging into your current DNS provider’s interface and duplicating the records on

Once all the records have been created you will then go to your domain registrar and change your namservers to:

The nameserver change can take 24-48 hours to fully propagate around the globe.