Integrate No-IP

The No-IP Update API offers you direct access to our DNS update system. You can update multiple hostnames or groups of hostnames
with a single HTTP REST request to our update system. This will update them in just seconds.

Why should I integrate?

Increase the value of your product.

Dynamic DNS makes it possible for your customers to quickly access their server, router, surveillance camera, etc with an easy to remember name instead of an IP address that changes often.
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1. Detect an IP address change.

There are many ways to check for IP address changes. Some of those include checking the network interface properties, watching for DHCP lease changes, monitoring the address of a router, or using our remote IP detection system.

2. Submit DNS Update

When an IP address change is detected the client should send an update request to our system. The update request is performed by making and HTTP GET request to our dynamic update server. More

3. Process the result codes

After an update is sent a response code will be returned. It is important that the response codes are interpreted correctly to avoid abuse of our system and to provide useful information to users of your product.

Many response codes indicate an error has occurred due to bad user input, account status issues, or other types of problems where user intervention is required. If an error of this nature occurs, further updates must stop until the end user corrects the problem at which point your client may submit another update request.

Upon successful update the client should repeat the process of monitoring the IP address and sending an update when it changes.

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