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Managed DNS Services

No-IP IP Detection Service

No-IP provides a free IP detection service to use with No-IP’s Dynamic DNS service.

Detection Service

When implementing a software or hardware based dynamic DNS update client that is running on a device other than the router or directly connected to the internet, it may be necessary to use remote IP detection.

For example, devices behind NAT( Network Address Translation) will have a RFC 1918, address that is not routable on the internet. The customers router may be dynamically assigning IP addresses to a device on the local network, this DHCP event does not indicate that the customer WAN or router IP address has actually changed.

On devices that are not directly connected to a public IP should use a remote IP detection service to check for IP address changes. The IP address returned is what you should send to No-IP when making an update.

No-IP provides this service to integrators who are implementing No-IP Dynamic DNS services into their product.

For IPv4 networks make a request to:


For IPv6 networks make a request to:

GET / HTTP/1.1
User-Agent: Company DeviceName-Model/FirmwareVersionNumber

Note: Excessive requests to this service will be rate limited. To prevent being rate limited, do not check for an IP update more than once every 5 minutes. If you need more frequent checks please contact No-IP.