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Managed DNS Services

Getting Certified

The No-IP Update API offers you direct access to our DNS update system. You can update multiple hostnames or groups of hostnames
with a single HTTP REST request to our update system. This will update them in just seconds.

What is Getting Certified

The No-IP Client certification program is offered to verify correct workings of your update client. A No-IP certification lets your customers know that your product has been reviewed by and obeys all of the design considerations and properly responds to error codes.

How do I get certified

Certifying your product is easy. Hardware vendors simply mail a demo unit to our offices or provide No-IP access to a remote unit. Software client authors can email No-IP a copy of the product for testing. A No-IP Certification Engineer will rigorously test your unit, checking that all guidelines are met. Once your product is guaranteed in compliance, it becomes certified and you will be contacted by No-IP.

Why should I get certified

We recommend that all update clients be submitted to No-IP for certification. Certifying your product is important since clients that do not properly follow our guidelines risk being blocked from our system.

I'm certified. Now what?

When you become certified you will have access to our No-IP Enabled branding images for placement on your product website, documentation or packaging. Certified products will get early access to changes and new additions to our API, before they are released to the public.

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