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Managed DNS Services

Everything No-IP Free Offers + More

For over 13 years, No-IP has been offering the best and most affordable Managed DNS solutions. Our DNS Experts will ensure that your website is fast and reliable, guaranteed.

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Create Up To 25 Hostnames

3 hostnames not enough for your needs? Enhanced Dynamic DNS enables the addition of bundles of 25 hostnames

TXT Record & SPF Support

Many email providers are actively checking Domain Keys and SPF records. This type of checking is becoming ever so useful in detection of spam. In a DNS TXT record you can define a SPF record or Domain Key to describe which mail servers are allowed to send email for your domain name. Providers such as Hotmail will begin actively blocking messages that come from a domain without SPF records in the very near future. So if email delivery is important to you then DNS with TXT record support is key.

Wildcard Records

Catch all those misspellings. Enhanced Dynamic DNS activates the DNS wildcard option.

Includes SSL Certificate

Includes one Trustcor Standard DV SSL Certificate to keep your hostname extra secure.

80+ Awesome Domains to Choose From

Our free service is used by over 16 million users, so finding the hostname that you like can sometimes be difficult. With Enhanced Dynamic DNS, get access to our premium domains.

CNAME Support

CNAME (Canonical Name) records alias a host to another host on the Internet. With Enhanced Dynamic DNS you have the ability to add and modify CNAME records. CNAME aliases ease the management of hosts that resolve to the same IP address.

Phone Support

Gain access to our technical phone support. Should a problem arise, our support staff will be ready to help you by phone or email. Representatives are available via our 800 number Monday through Friday 9 am to 5pm Pacific Time.

Ad Removal

Remove advertisements from URL and Port 80 redirects.

Support For Up To 5 MX Records

MX (Mail Exchanger) records are responsible for making email delivery possible. Most DNS providers allow the use of one MX record. This is great if email is not important. With one MX record and a mail server outage, chances are emails to your domain will bounce. With multiple MX records you can specify up to 5 alternate mail servers that can receive email for your domain. Take a look at our Backup MX service if you want to add redundancy to your mail setup.

Update Client Sub Accounts

Run the update client from multiple locations and assign each client a unique username and password which only have access to certain hostnames that you specify in your account.

Priority Feature Release

When we release new features to our DNS product lines No-IP Plus and Enhanced users get the new features first.

Offline Options

If for some reason your site is not available, you have the option to set it to offline mode. This will present your web visitors with either a special page saying your site is currently down or optionally redirect DNS traffic to a different IP address when in offline mode.

Enables Multiple Accounts

Our terms of service states that there is only one No-IP Free account allowed per person. Should you require multiple accounts each additional No-IP account requires the Enhanced Dynamic DNS service.

Round Robin

Running a site from home can sometimes exceed the bandwidth limitations of your Internet connection. With Round Robin you can load balance a host across multiple IP addresses to provide faster and more reliable access to your site. Enhanced Dynamic DNS includes round robin support and is integrated into the dynamic update client.

Enhanced DNS • GGet more features, security, and control.

Enhanced Dynamic DNS is a great product for individuals and small businesses who want less hassle and restrictions. With Enhanced Dynamic DNS you will enjoy 25 hostnames, with the ability to add more, includes one Trustcor Standard DV SSL Certificate, no advertisements on URL and Port 80 redirects and best of all, there is no need to confirm that your account is active every 30 days like with our Free service.