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Managed DNS Services

With all these features why go any place else?

For over 13 years, No-IP has been offering the best and most affordable Managed DNS solutions. Our DNS Experts will ensure that your website is fast and reliable, guaranteed.

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Easy To Use

All DNS management is done through an easy to use and understand web interface. You will get complete control over your domain without the hassles of having to know cryptic DNS lingo.

Port 80 Redirection

A great number of cable and DSL providers block HTTP Port 80. This is specially done to stop the spread of worms and viruses. If Port 80 is blocked, running a website is next to impossible. With the Port 80 Redirection feature you can still run a web server even if Port 80 is blocked.

100% Uptime Guarantee

DNS uptime is critical to keeping your site online. Since No-IP's inception we have had a 100% DNS uptime history. We are so proud of this that we include a 100% uptime SLA (service level agreement).

Support for up to 5 MX Records

MX records are responsible for making email delivery possible. Most DNS providers allow the use of one MX record. This is great if email is not important. With one MX record and a mail server outage, chances are emails to your domain will bounce. With multiple MX records you can specify up to 5 alternate mail servers that can receive email for your domain. Take a look at our Backup MX service if you are in need of another backup mail spool.

URL / Port 80 Redirect Hit Stats

Keep track of how many times someone accesses your site if you are using the url or port redirect feature. Through the web interface view monthly and total page view counts for your site.

Discount Pricing

For those customers with multiple domains we offer tiered discount pricing on multiple Plus Managed DNS domain purchases. The more you buy the less expensive they get. Additionally, save on Domain Registration costs and transfers by packaging the No-IP Plus service with domain service.

TXT Record & SPF Support

Many email providers are actively checking Domain Keys and SPF records. This type of checking is becoming ever so useful in detection of spam. In a DNS TXT record you can define a SPF record or Domain Key to describe which mail servers are allowed to send email for your domain name. Providers such as Hotmail will begin actively blocking messages that come from a domain without SPF records in the very near future. So if email delivery is important to you then DNS with TXT record support is key.

Industry Leading Phone Support

Our technical support staff is eager to answer any questions you have. Use our web-based trouble ticket system to get answers 24/7. We guarantee a response within 24 hours but answers to your questions are usually responded to in just a few minutes. Phone support via our toll free number is also available to Plus subscribers during normal business hours Monday - Fri 8am - 6pm Pacific time.

Competitive Package Pricing

Transfer or register a domain when purchasing No-IP Plus and you'll get a significant discount on the domain purchase. See our pricing page for details.

Free Update Client

Dynamic DNS is what No-IP does best. Download our Dynamic Update Client (DUC) to keep track of your changing IP address. Our Dynamic Update Client is the easiest to use and most downloaded update client on the Internet. See for yourself.

Offline Options

For whatever reason your site is not available you can set it to offline mode. This will present your web visitors with either a special page saying your site is currently down or optionally redirect DNS traffic to a different IP address when in offline mode. You can additionally use this with No-IP's Advanced Monitoring service to automatically activate your offline settings upon the monitoring service detecting an outage.

Geographically Diverse DNS Network

The location of DNS servers is important in providing 100% uptime. We deploy nameservers across the globe at geographically unique datacenters using different tier 1 bandwidth providers to ensure a natural disaster or connectivity outage does not disrupt our robust DNS network.

Priority Feature Release

When we release new features to our DNS product lines Plus and Enhanced users get the new features first.

Update Client Sub Accounts

Run the update client on multiple locations and assign each client a unique username and passwords which only have access to certain subdomains or hosts in your account.

Router Support

The No-IP Dynamic DNS service is supported in many hardware routers and Internet enabled devices such as SMC, D-Link, Sonicwall and Symantec. This can be useful when you need Dynamic DNS for a device that does not run Windows, Mac or Linux/Unix.

Reverse DNS

If you are looking for reverse DNS, No-IP can also set this up for you for just $10.00 more per year per zone file. Contact support to add this to your account.

Wildcards, A,CNAME,NS, and other custom records

Users have unique needs so we like to accommodate. Through our web interface create records such as A, CNAME, NS, TXT, and wildcards.

Domain Parking Page

Domain parking is also included with No-IP Plus Managed DNS. This is useful if you are in the process of building your website and want to let your new potential users know that your site is on its way.

Host grouping to ease bulk ip updates

Host groups ease the updating of A records for users with multiple domains or a domain with many subdomains. Assign hosts a group and then make one update to the group and all hosts within that group get updated. The official No-IP dynamic update clients support group updating.

Plus • The Complete Managed DNS Solution

DNS is at the core of every Internet transaction, so it is important that DNS always works. No matter if you have a dynamic or static IP address, No-IP Plus Managed DNS ensures that people reach your site 100% of the time.